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Hotel Services Public Offer Agreement

Accommodation Rules in Hotel «Vozdushny Express»

Hotel «Vozdushny Express» works 24 hours.

Term of Hotel accommodation.

  1. Hotel «Vozdushny Express» is intended for temporary residence of citizens agreed with Administration of the Hotel. After the agreed period the Guest is to free the room on demand of the Administration. If the Guest wants to prolong the stay in the Hotel the Administration should be informed no later than 15 minutes before check-out time.
  2. Checking in at the Hotel is arranged upon presentation of passport or any other identification document. If a Guest agrees with the Hotel «Vozdushny Express» rules and checks in — Hotel accommodation contract is considered to be concluded.
  3. 15 minutes – maximum time for delay in a room without prolongation lodging, and the next payment will be for 4 hours (the minimum rate).
  4. Prolongation in the same room is possible only in case if there is no confirmed booking by the third party.
  5. Hotel’s Administration has the right to conclude contracts for booking a room. If the rooms are available the Administration accepts bookings from legal entities and physical persons by email, phone or any other means proving the Consumer’s identity.
  6. Payment for prolongation lodging should be made after the request to Hotel’s Administration.
  7. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made by open (contractual) prices, according to the hotel price list approved.
  8. Guest can cancel reservation free of charge no later than 24 hours before checking time.
  9. During the quiet hours from 11 pm to 7 am, Guests shall be particularly considerate and refrain from any conduct that could disturb others in the vicinity.
  10. Refund for unused hours is not possible in the Hotel.
  11. Bed linen is changed every three days for long stay.
  12. Change of towels and rooms cleaning are carried out every day. Toiletries are changed by a request.
  13. The following free services are available to the Guests:

    • Emergency call;

    • First aid kit;

    • Delivery of the correspondence to the room;

    • Heaters, extra blankets;

    • Wake-up call;

    • Provision of boiling water, needles & threads and a set of dishes.

  14. The Hotel «Vozdushny Express» offers to the Guests additional services on request, in accordance with the price list.
  15. List of additional services:

    • Office services (copier, printer, scanner);

    • Iron and Ironing Board;

    • Room service;

    • Extra bed linen;

    • Cosmetic set;

    • Slippers, rent a Bathrobe and other services.

  16. Guests are obliged:
  17. • When leaving the room to close the taps, to lock the room and to hand over a key;

    • Follow the Hotel Accommodation Rules;

    • Strictly follow the Fire Safety rules;

    • Keep cleanliness and public order in the room and in the Hotel;

    • In case of loss or damage of the property of the Hotel to indemnify cost according to the current legislation;

    • Responsible for their visitors’ actions;

    • In time and thoroughly pay all the additional hotel services used.

  18. In Hotel it is not allowed:
  19. • Keep the animals and birds in the room;

    • The hotel administration has the right to refuse of the accommodation of persons who are in an intoxication condition offending human dignity and public morality;

    • Leave unauthorized persons in the room, and give them a room key;

    • Leave the luggage;

    • Leave on territory of the Hotel luggage carts;

    • Keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances or mercury;

    • Smoking in the rooms, as well as in the corridors of the Hotel;

    • Be in an alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

    • Disturb the Guests in the next door rooms;

    • To use personal electrical heating appliances.

  20. All the rooms in the Hotel are declared strictly non-smoking, the Guest agrees for smoking in the room to pay a fine of 1000 Russian rubles to make the room clean and air fresh.
  21. In case of detection of forgotten things, the Administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, things after the expiration of 6 months are realized by the Hotel.
  22. The Hotel’s Administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the Guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, public order, the order of household appliances’ use.
  23. The Hotel has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally or refuse to prolong the guest’s stay in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, delayed payment, any loss or damage of the Hotel property.
  24. The Book Reviews and Feedback is at the Reception and is available upon request.
  25. In case of the guests’ complaints the Administration takes all possible measures for the settlement of the conflict according with the legislation.
  26. In cases not covered by these rules the Administration and the Customer follow the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

* Accommodation Rules in Hotel «Vozdushny Express» are developed on the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation «Consumer Protection Act» and «Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation», approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree from October 9, 2015 № 1085.

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