Russia 8 800 550-02-42
Moscow 8 495 788-35-02

Cancellation policy:

  • You have the flexibility to amend or cancel your reservation anytime up until 24 hours before your booked arrival time. Guests may cancel your reservation by notifying the Capsule Hotel.
  • In the case of hotel booking or payment through service "Online Booking" - a return is performed directly to the Guests, in case of payment through a third-party company - a return to the Guest by the Company.
  • Capsule Hotel will endeavour to refund any monies due promptly. Please be aware that we may need to contact you for your card details. Your refund should arrive in to your account within 30 working days after we have those details. 
  • Capsule Hotel booking cancellation requests can be done over the phone, by calling +7 (800)-550-02-42 where you can leave a message with your name and confirmation number. Alternatively, you can send us an email at or