Russia 8 800 550-02-42
Moscow 8 495 788-35-02
The only hotel in Sheremetyevo airport

Hotel “Vozdushny Express”, Sheremetyevo

Modern Design

«V-Express» - is a hotel at Sheremetyevo, built on the basis of European Capsule Hotels. Our rooms look like resemble cabins of cruise liner. To stay in such room is unalloyed pleasure- soft lighting, exquisite interior in light colors make you feel lightness and comfort. There is free Wi-Fi in every room of the hotel.

Rest without leaving the airport

To have a rest in our hotels you do not need to order a shuttle bus or taxi, there is no need to leave airport at all. Hotels “Vozdushny Express” are located inside the airport terminals.


Hotels “Vozdushny Express” at Sheremetyevo Airport are equipped with reliable security system: all room doors are equipped with electronic locks with keys, which programmed individually for every guest. Sheremetyevo Airport guarantees that all your belongings will be kept in safe.

Unique technologies

In our hotel located inside the terminal Aeroexpress you can register your passport details and receive a room key for check- in on your own using a self-service terminal.

Cost efficiency

Hotels «Vozdushny Express» have comfortable rooms, which equipped with the individual WC, telephone and Internet access. Standard service package includes everything that is required for making the short-term rest better. Such approach allows us to set the reliable payment for service.

How to order our service?

You are welcome to contact us any time and book a room by telephone: 8-800-550-02-42, +7(495)788- 35-02.